Performance Trust • Website Refresh


Performance Trust • Website Refresh

One of my first initiatives at Performance Trust was to harvest website data, and identify what was working, and enhance what wasn't. The site was built ten years prior, and it was ready to grow up. With a limited budget and no option for a complete redesign, I worked with leadership to help evolve the overall site experience and visual expression. The approach was a two-phase approach. The first phase, referenced at the end of this page, was to clear the visual pollution, and optimize the content delivery on the home page. The second phase was to analyze the successes of those changes, and fine tune for deeper optimization of content. Using the data from the website, we only wanted to show content that was absolutely needed for the audience - and remove what wasn't. Below is the clear and focused result of the second phase:  

Lead Design • Creative Direction


NEW HOME page (phase 2)

Phase 2  Refresh

Phase 2 Refresh

Menu  Fly Out

Menu Fly Out

Smart Search  Inegration

Smart Search Inegration