Stungmedia - Emotive Media That Stings

Chicago based Creative Director Nandor Tamas. Design & Strategy • Motion Graphics • Photography


My name is Nandor Tamas and this is Stungmedia, my personal brand.

I am a passionately-strategic hybrid who is motivated by ideation and innovation. I am of the ideology that design should be backed by data and driven by strategy. To this end, my mind works in both business and in art. I think big picture and execute in the details.

I am obsessed with telling an honest story. I want you to feel how and what I am feeling, and bring you in to the moment with me. I am intuitive and can pull a story out from where others might not see one. By fusing all of that together I effectively deliver a message that moves and inspires. I speak and write about my work the way I produce my work – visceral, real, and honest. With over 17 years of experience I’ve come to realize true beauty comes in the form of complete harmony – when all elements of design are cohesive and dance together.